Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

No more Synology Packages

Well, two years ago i bought myself a Synology NAS DS412+.
A few weeks later i started to go deeper into the system and installed myself the IPKG installer following a wiki tutorial.
After that i was fucked up by the process and i decided to build a one click installer to simplify the sh**t.

Again a few weeks later i was ready to launch my first and own DSM 3rd party repo with packages available for the most available NAS Systems by Synology.

I built the spk files based on DSM 4.0 and did never any update to my own NAS because i used my NAS very heavily later.
Since DSM 4.3 was released, more and more people told me about installation problems with my installer, so i removed installation for DSM 4.3 and above.

Now, nearly 2 years later i have sold my DS412+ and migrated my storage solution to a normal pc system. In fact: i have no longer any available DSM system where i could test or develop new or updated IPKG installer packages.

Meanwhile i got roundabout 1000 emails from people asking about updates. NO.


I spent a lots of hours for fun and for my own research as i wrote the packages and the package homepage. So lets call it an experiment.

I hope that all of you accept this decision.

For all of you who loved my package and it was helpful, i ’ve added a PayPal donate button to the repo page.

Maybe in the future there are a few dollars to buy a develop NAS to reactivate the package for DSM5 and the newer models. ;)

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